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How to Give the Best Massage

How to Give the Best Massage

Giving a massage is not easy; you have to have amazing massage skills. If you want to pursue a career as a massage therapist, these tips may help you out.  Be sure to keep these tips in mind for you to give the best massage like the massage in Wellington.

Set the mood. Try to provide a relaxing mood. Using calming candle may really help. Some good relaxing music can help too.

Use the oil. To prevent rough rubbing and to enable your hands to move effectively, you can use an olive oil. Don’t simply pour it on your client’s back, have your way on it. Glide your hands effectively using the oil.

Ask questions. Always ask your client if the pressure is okay and adjust accordingly. Only give what your client can handle. Some clients like soft massage and some like hard pressures.

Avoid pinching or grabbing muscles. Remember that massaging is like sculpting. Be easy on the muscles and prevent pressing too hard. Use soft strokes to warm up the muscles before you try to start massaging them.

Utilize your body weight. After minutes of massaging your client, you might feel tired and it is because of your positioning. The great back rub is less about your grasp and more about your position and the utilization of gravity.

Follow the North to South direction.

When giving a massage, begin at the base of the back and utilize your thumbs either side of the spine and climb gradually squeezing, discharging the weight as you move.

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