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Top Destinations for Summer Skiing In Europe

Top Destinations for Summer Skiing In Europe

Europe is where you can find the best skiing destinations. Even during summer time, you can still experience the thrill of skiing. There are a lot skiing resorts in Europe that are offering skiing and snowboarding all year round.

You can visit these skiing destinations this summer:


Riksgransen is located in Sweden and is considered as one of the top spring skiing destinations in Europe. The resort opens to midsummer until the month of July. The great thing about the resort aside from it is an awesome skiing place for beginners, is you can ski under the moonlight. How cool is that?


The ski area in Hintertux is open for skiers and snowboarding enthusiast all year round. The skiing resort is located in Ziller Valley, Austria. The resort is easy to be reached from the city proper. If you are looking for the best ski resort, Hintertux is for you.

Fonna Glacier

The ski destination is located in Norway. Fonna gets snow during the start of spring until early May, by Easter the place is packed with 30ft snow and is now very ideal for skiing. The resort is open until last summer.

Passo Stelvio

Spring and summer skiing is one of the typical activities you can do in Italy. Passo Stelvio is considered as as the most wonderful slope scene in Italy. Aside from being a venue for skiing and snowboarding, the resort is also ideal for extreme sports like mountain running and cycle.


Zermatt is considered as one of the best ski destinations in the world and it is open for skiing all year round – 365 days. The ski area can be found in Switzerland you can go there via Geneva bus transfers. It has the largest ski slopes in Europe at 2500 feet and it is also the home of highest lifts reaching at 12,000 feet.


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