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Wonderful Things to Do in New Zealand

Wonderful Things to Do in New Zealand

There are a lot of things to do in New Zealand. Did you know it is recognized as the outdoor adventure capital of the world? New Zealand is a popular destination packed with astounding sceneries, multicultural cities, adrenaline pumping escapades, and a marvelous coastline.

Here are some of the wonderful things you can try to do for your New Zealand visit, be sure to add them up on your best New Zealand itinerary list:

Take a picture with the L&P bottle on the background

Do you know that L&P brand is the nation’s much loved soft drink. Kiwis like to gulp, drink and slurp the drink a whole lot that they constructed a tremendous replica bottle of it. It is around 7 meters high, you will not likely fail to spot it if you’re in Paeroa, just 1-2 hours away from Auckland. For years, it has became a landmark in the city.

Find The Simpsons Doughnut

Springfield, New Zealand is the home for the a classic Simpsons doughnut. It seems that New Zealand is fond of making giant things of everything. When the Simpson movie came out, they decided that it is a great idea to construct a massive doughnut.

Get wet in Wellington

Cuba Mall is located in Wellington and it is the home to an amazing construction filled with buckets of water. The water falls down like a fountain and from time to time it splashes passerby. It maybe a weird way to entertain mall goers but it has became a famous attraction in Wellington. During weekends, the fountain is filled with water and it produces bubbles that cover the entire area.

Be amazed with the big kiwi

Kiwi, the fruit not the bird is popular in NZ.  Te Puke is the kiwi capital and it is the place to visit if you want to taste the most delicious kiwi in the world. There is also a massive structure of the kiwi fruit in the area which is an additional attraction in the area.

 Go to the Pacific Rim of Fire

The Pacify Rim of Fire is the home for Rotorua spin and it looks like a Lord of the Rings movie shoot location. Geothermal baths are so beautiful and they are said to have great healing powers. You can also boil your eggs there!

Venture to Middle Earth

The Middle of the Earth is where Lord of the Rings scenes where shoot.  In Matamata, you can get a free a tour of Hobbiton see where the movie sets with your own eyes. The best day to travel to the Hobbiton is on September, when the World Hobbit Day is being celebrated.

It is true that there are a lot of amazing things to do in the beautiful country of New Zealand. You can get to these destinations by going on New Zealand driving tours.

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